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Blood N' Guns app review (Day 22)

the c00k chris' channel: bloodnguns zen tilt ...

App Review BloodNGuns - Instabuy Games Inc | App Store

Nome: BloodNGuns Sviluppatore: Instabuy Games Inc. Costo: 1,59€ link iTunes: seguitemi inoltre su twitter perché a volte regalo dei codici ...

App Review - BloodnGuns

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BloodNGuns On iPhone Gameplay

Check out some gameplay from the upcoming iPhone game BloodNGuns which is a hardcore dual stick zombie bloodfest shooter. For the latest news/pics etc ...

BloodNGuns iPhone/iTouch app review, gameplay

Very well done ! zombie shooter with packs of blood. graph, sound, mechanics are good ! give it a try !

Bug Heroes - iPhone App Review

Bug Heroes is a fun dual stick shooter, but can get a bit repetitive. Link to game:

Лучшие игры на Android. Неделя №4 | UADROID

Лучшие игры на Android. Неделя №4 Еженедельный свежак игр из Google Play. Выпуск подготовлен при поддержк...

Eat this, Not that - iPhone/iTouch/iPad app review !

if you cant deside between fast food and fast food, this app will help you do this ! less cal, fat, carbs !

NASA - iPhone/iTouch/iPad app review

TONS of info ! get it and fill your brains with piece of history !

BloodNGuns 2010 Trailer

Blood'NGuns is a hardcore dual thumb zombie shooter with a large arsenal of weaponry and power ups for slaughtering the enemy, with up to 80 zombies ...